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Saving the History of the Loxahatchee Battlefield

Dear Members:                                                                                                                               April, 2017

After an extremely successful reenactment that has been followed by the hosting of the Joint Services Staff College of Norfolk, VA, a very significant event, we are starting our new quarter by capitalizing on the momentum we have gained. The LBP also gave 25 members of the FAU Leadership group from the Boca Raton campus a tour of the Battlefield on April 14.  We are moving forward with several important and exciting programs to position ourselves for additional notoriety and interest by the general public.  

 With the expanding interest in the Seminole Wars and our Loxahatchee Battlefield, we need to train more docents for the Saturday tours that will start again this fall.  We want to start training immediately but certain requirements need to be addressed.  First, we need volunteers who want to take the training program that will be taught by our experts over a period of time, and at the pace desired by each trainee.  Our active docents enjoy providing the tours and encourage you to consider becoming qualified. You will be able to make your own schedule to suit your desires.

 Second, to prepare for the training program we need to capture the presentations of each of our experts on video tape and MP3 recordings.  Again, we are looking for volunteers from our membership to make the video tapes and recordings. We want an 'information piece' and we do not need a 'professional' production.  If you can help, please talk to us.

 Third, we want to establish our historical records and develop the archives while the information is still fresh and can be verified. We will record our founders' memories and log their key documents and clippings. In addition to these actions we ask each of you to take the time to review your collection of books, articles, and artifacts and make an inventory/list. Then, if you will bring us a copy of the list we will make a compendium of those inventories and have it available for those conducting research.

 Planning for the next reenactment is well underway and all aspects have been encouraging. Everyone is looking forward to the expanded event. We expect it to result in more members.


There is a good lineup of speakers for the HISTORY IN THE PARK series. You will enjoy all of them.  Invite a friend to join you for the next program.  And, as always, if you have a suggestion for a speaker/topic, let us know.


As the interest in our battlefield grows, we want to be prepared to grow and offer expanded activities.


Your LBP News Committee

February 2017

Dear LBP members,
2,500 in attendance!  According to Parks and Rec., this incredible number was the amount of folks attending the first ever Battle of the Loxahatchee River Re-enactment last Saturday.  This event was a stupendous and monumental success!  Let me put this into context. The best and most famous war re-enactment in the state is Dade's Massacre Battle Re-enactment in North Florida. According to Steve Rinck, Dade's draws about 1200 to 1500 people a day to their event. My friend Steve, who participated in Saturday's affair, is the former president of Dade's Battlefield Society and current president of the Seminole War Foundation. The Dade battle has been going on for 35 years.  In our very first year, we had many more people attend our re-enactment than this prestigious battlefield has in attending theirs!  Mr. Rinck also told me that he was so impressed by our success that in three years the annual  Second Seminole Commemoration Day held every year in St. Augustine in mid August will be held here in Jupiter! The Seminole War Foundation will be accentuating the Battle of the Loxahatchee at this venerable affair. Further, a screen writer in Key West has contacted Parks and Rec. for the LBP's assistance for technical advice for a possible movie on the Battle of the Loxahatchee.
Dick Kazmar, Laurie Corry, and myself had been working with the County for over one year to put this wonderful day of history together.  You have no idea how hard we worked on all the snags we overcame to pull this extravaganza off.  John Welsh, Steve Burgkamp, Danny Rubino, and Don Campbell of the County have been great to work with.  I want to thank all the hard working girls who worked our LBP booth under the chickee. They were non-stop. Laurie Corry, Donna Smith. Mary Grimm, Carol Bayer, Donna Adair, and Kay Coghill.  The backbone of this organization have always been the women.   We will be honoring these women at a party at the Shipwreck shortly.
I have been working the phone for the last year trying to get the best re-enactors in the state to attend our event.   The LBP has benefited by my camping with some of these guys over the years on battlefields and cultivating friendships with them.  We had over 30 of them attend, more than we expected.  There was a Civil War event on Saturday in Vero Beach and a Seminole War Day affair in Tampa.  These terrific folks decided to come to the "Lochahatchee" event instead.
Dick Kazmar did an outstanding job with speakers.  Dick acquired Robert Carr and Judge Nelson Bailey and put together the itinerary of the day.  I was able to get the great Elgin Jumper along with his beautiful assistant Ms. Stephanie to come and tell stories with Indian music in the background.  They brought along a wonderful flutist and storyteller with them.  The County loved the Native-American folks and asked me to make sure they come back next year.  Incidentally, the County is so happy with the whole event they want the re-enactment to be a two day affair next year!
Over eight years ago a handful of guys met on the battlefield and swore an oath to protect it.  These fellows are long gone.  Leland Smith has passed.  Shortly thereafter, one man, again long gone, approached me with the idea of forming a preservation group.  I said it was a great idea.  That is how the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists were born.  I wrote our mission statement.  A fledgling group, we struggled through many growing pains.  There have been issues with some members not understanding our non-profit status.  There have been other problems, not uncommon to other organizations.  Friend or foe, I have always stood up to anyone or anything that would affect the integrity of this group or the battlefield.  As issues have arisen, I have been the first to defend the honor of our ethereal, ageless, beautiful old girl; the 6000 year old Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park.  Richard Procyk has been doing this long before there was a LBP.  He is the savior of the battlefield.  I have been involved with the battlefield for 18 years through Son of Union Veterans of the Civil War.  I have fought on Richard's side many times over the years in various arenas.
I have fought the good fight.  I have done my best.  I have run the course.  I have kept my oath.
When I became President of the LBP, this battlefield was still relatively unknown. The best kept secret in the county.  After Sat. Jan. 28th, this is no longer the case.
"The only value we have as human beings are the risks that we are willing to take"
                            Ernest Hemingway
I met Dirk Sichel on Educational Day last Friday on the battlefield.  He is a drone operator and makes wonderful photographs and videos of events.  He asked me if he could make a little movie of the re-enactment.  I put him in touch with Don Campbell of Parks. and Rec immediately.  Don said yes and it was a done deal.  I have been working with Dirk for hours enhancing and editing this film.  It will be shown on Saturday, Feb. 4th at our membership meeting.
Reflecting upon the past
Living in the present
Illuminating the future
Guy Bachmann,
President of the LBP

Dear LBP Members:                                                                                                                     September, 2016               

Construction, actually destruction, has started in Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park. The kayak and canoe rental trailer has been torn down. This is the first official act of battlefield improvements. There will be a ground breaking ceremony shortly that the LBP has been invited to attend. Politicians and Parks and Rec. will be in attendance and the media will be covering this gala affair.

Our official season will be kicking off Saturday Oct. 1st at 10.00 A.M. in Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park with our History in the Park series. I will be lecturing on the sage of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson. The lecture will be entitled "Thomas Jefferson- An Enigmatic Man". Author of the Declaration of Independence,diplomat, statesman, President, inventor, architect and philosopher, Jefferson was a man of extraordinary intellect. Jack Kennedy once said while standing in front of Congress, "this hall haven't contained so much brain power since Thomas Jefferson stood in this room by himself".  A voracious reader, as a student at William and Mary College he was known to read 15 hours a day.

Jefferson was a paradoxical man. He believed slavery was inherently wrong yet his Monticello was built on the backs of slaves. Did Thomas Jefferson plagiarize the Declaration of Independence? Patriot George Mason author of the preamble of the Virginia Constitution might have thought so. Considered a radical in his time,Jefferson developed his views on independence from ancient English law. Come and see why the Battle of Hastings in 1066 between the Saxons and the Normans was so important to him.

The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 and the Lewis and Clark expedition will be discussed. Did you know that a couple of hundred years ago that our Pacific Northwest was completely unknown to Americans? The existence of the grizzly bear was just a rumor. I will be discussing our first war as a nation.  The war with the Tripoli pirates occurred during the Jefferson administration.  On Indian removal Andrew Jackson gets the bulk of the blame but you may be surprised to find Jefferson's culpability in this.

Was a middle aged Jefferson head over heels in love with the young, beautiful and married Italian countess Maria Cosway while in Paris?  What about the alleged tryst with Sally Hemings? Scandalmonger of the time James Callender refered to Sally as the "black Venus of Monticello". You think Presidential elections are dirtier today then yesterday?  Think again.

A fascinating relationship developed between the two bedrocks of the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.   Polar opposites in personality and politics, the bombastic and pugnacious Adams and the reserved and reflective Jefferson became lifelong friends despite political intrigue. Incredibly they both would die on the same day. It would be on the 4th of July on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence!

My friend Mike Durkee of South Florida Wounded Warriors asked the LBP to partner with them on their 5K Run on Saturday Oct.8th in Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park. We will be setting up  our LBP tent and dressing up in period attire. Anyone interested in coming let me know. We have plenty of old time clothing to go around. Please note that 90% of the money that is raised by SFWW goes to the disabled vets.

Saturday Oct. 15th a special lecture and tour will be given by the LBP to children who are home schooled by their parents. The parents will be attending also.

Another History in the Park program is scheduled for later in the month. More on this in the near future.

Saturday Nov. 5th at 10.00 A. M. a lecture will be given by Richard Procyk to the Jupiter chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution. That same day Farmstead Days will be occurring by the old sawmill in Riverbend Park. This annual event shows pioneer life in the early 1900's.

The first ever Battle of the Loxahatchee River Re-enactment is moving along according to plan. Dick Kazmar, Laurie Corry, and myself are on the committee that is working with Parks and Rec. to make this event a big success. We have over 20 re-enactors from around the state who are attending. There will be soldier and Indian living history camps along with artillery and weapons demonstrations. Artisans and vendors  will be participating. Dick Kazmar is picking the speakers and planning the itinerary. I have written the story line of the battle and will narrate it. The County is putting this event on U-Tube and it will be shown around the world! January 28th will be the big day. Friday the 27th will be educational day for schoolchildren.

I know I say this every year, but this year will be the biggest and most important year in our history. Palm Beach County is spending millions of dollars on battlefield improvements. The Seminole War Foundation honored the LBP in St. Augustine last month as "the most exciting group in Florida". We are well respected by our peers around the state and by Parks and Rec.

Looking forward to seeing you for Jefferson and other events. Any questions call me at 561-736-7435.

Reflecting upon the past
Living in the present
Illuminating the future

Guy Bachmann,
President of the LBP

Dear LBP Members
June, 2016

I would like to summarize what has been the greatest year in the history of the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists (LBP).

First of all, I would like to report on long time member Leland Smith's funeral.  It was handled with great respect and dignity.  Many LBP members attended.  I gave the Eulogy and several members of Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War gave heartwarming accounts of their memories of Leland.   Members, Gene and Wallis Tinnie wrote a beautiful and special declaration for Leland.  It was given on behalf of the Black Historical Research Project.  This declaration honored Leland's work on the battlefield and his participation over the years in the Seminole Maroon Commemoration.   A detail from the U.S. Navy attended and played Taps and the Sons of Union Veterans fired some rounds in a deeply moving tribute to Leland.

I must tell you all about an amazing event that occurred on the battlefield on the same day of Leland's passing.  As I was putting the American flag at half mast, a car pulled up and the driver asked me what I was doing.  I explained to him that I was honoring the passing of a long time preservationist and a Navy veteran of the Korean War.  This gentlemen told me that he was a Navy veteran himself and would be honored to tie a Navy knot on the flag pole for a brother.  Petty Officer James is a Navy recruitment Officer and had about 100 of his kids in the park that day and he ask me to speak to them on the Naval history of our park and the re-enactment to be held next year.  When I was finished Mr. James asked me if we would like a color guard from the Navy to play Taps for our re-enactment next year.  Leland Smith, even in death, was working his magic on the battlefield that day!

We had our best year ever this season for our History in the Park program.  This all star line up of lecturers included archaeologist, Bob Carr, Judge Bailey Nelson, authors James Snyder and Donna Adair, and our own Richard Procyk.  Richard did a bang up job as General Jesup dressed in an authentic Second Seminole War uniform that members of the LBP purchased for him for his birthday.  Thanks to Dick Kazmar for putting together these wonderful programs.

Our bus trip to Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation and Old Sam Jones Town was a huge success.  Over 30 LBP members helped fill this first class charter bus to capacity.  Kudos to LBP member Will Ghioto for making this happen.  Our annual Loxahatchee River Kayak and Canoe trip was done on a day with perfect weather and a high water table.  The Old Loop Road trip which is becoming an annual affair was a ton of fun.  We had a nice hike on a section of the Florida Trail Association.  Infamous "nature" photographer, Lucky Coles' art studio was visited and all of our women escaped relatively unscathed.

Several LBP members including myself will be meeting with Parks & Rec. over the summer to plan the first ever Battle of the Loxahatchee River re-enactment.  The potential of this event with the demographics here in Palm Beach County is limitless.

I am saving the best news for last.  The long standing permit problem with South Florida Water Management and the Township of Jupiter has finally been rectified.  Bids for battlefield improvements have already been sent out and construction will start in September!   A new park office will be built with real toilets for the public.  I am flushed with excitement.   This wooden frame park structure will include a space for the LBP to store our paraphernalia.  A conference room will be included.  A small amphitheater outside will be a part of the complex.  "Battlefield Plaza" will also be underway.  This will include a new entrance with a overview of the battlefield.  Historical markers and our flag pole will be moved to accommodate this area.  A historical Kiosk will also be constructed along with a Memorial Wall.  Future re-enactments will take place in this area where there is a stream that re-enactors can cross to further enhance the authenticity of the Battle of the Loxahatchee.

I would like to give my deepest and heartfelt  thanks to the members of this fine organization whose contributions are incalculable to our success.

Donna Smith  -  our treasurer and wife of the late Leland Smith has been in and out of the hospital for the past three months and she has been recently released.  Donna has graciously decided to return to her job as treasurer.  There is no job harder in any organization than this one.  Outside of handling money there are many dealings with the IRS.   Donna deserves combat pay.

Laurie Corry  -  our effervescent secretary is the heart and soul of this organization.  Her enthusiasm is contagious.  She is also as smart as a whip.  Laurie has been the only person including professional historians, to discover the names of some of the dead Tennessee Volunteers in our battle.

Will Ghioto and Dick Kazmar  -  Will is our insurance guru and Dick, a/k/a Osceola , is our event planner.

Rosa Godshall-Holden -  author of numerous novels she is also a professional editor.  Rosa got Richard's book, "Guns Across the Loxahatchee" on Kindle.  In addition, she manages an LBP Facebook Page that she started.

Andy Foster  -  a hard worker in his air-conditioning business Andy finds the time to be involved in every LBP event.  A master photographer he has made our LBP Facebook Page a work of art.  Captain Charles Coe lives in the heart of his great grandson, Andy.  Andy will be the key note speaker at the Seminole War Foundation meeting in St. Augustine on August 20thdepicting the great Coe in costume and character.

Lisa Interlandi, Esq.  -  Our 501 c(3) lawyer.

Doug Higgins  -  thanks to Doug for making our website state of the art.  He is one of many authors in our group.  Doug is working on a sequel to his novel Bimini by Midnight.

Kay Coghill and Sherril Shipley  -  Scrumptious breakfast casseroles and blueberry pancakes are made by these master chefs for our membership meetings.  Laurie also contributes towards breakfast and Reeves King brings the coffee.

Gene and Wallis Tinnie  -  The leaders of the Black Historical Research Project are also long time LBP members.  They have been invaluable over the years in helping us with our mission statement of education and preservation.

Barb White  -  Bodacious Barb has connections all over the county and has been a big help in networking our battlefield.

Jim Flaherty  -  re-enactor par excellence Shamus has been teaching us how to make our period clothing.  He will be helping us co-ordinate the re-enactment.

Richard Procyk  -  Without Richard there would not be a battlefield here today.  Enough said.
Enthusiastic members - special thanks to Natalie Hinebaugh, Stan and Dottie Beckstrom, Scott and Carol Bayer, Jack and Fran Islin, Jim and Rose Morton, Verner and Rose Marie Gross, Patty Abrams, Harold Clark, Donna Adair, Richard Batchelar, Jim Howe, Mitch and Jennie Hutchinson, George McClary, Tony Marconi, Scott Mcgowen, James Mimms, Bob and Jennie Price, Tom Odom, Marty Rothman, Charles Smith, Betty Turso, Bill Eubank, Jane Susmann, Charlotte Ghioto, Mark Corry, Billy Hicks, Rachel Driscoll, Margo Youngman and Amanda, Brittany and Emerald Foster.  If I am forgetting anyone please forgive me.

A special thanks goes to my better half Mary Grimm.  Mary has brought me to the 21st century with her computer expertise.  Mary has been a paralegal and helps me with editing.

I am the longest serving board member and helped form the LBP.  I have seen the growing pains of this group and have been involved in every battle to preserve the integrity of our organization.  It gives my heart great pleasure to see what we have become and see the county's appreciation of us and their willingness to honor this great and beautiful historic site.  I can honestly say that as much as I love this history the friendships that I have formed over the years mean just as much to me.  We are a family in the LBP and that is the secret of our success.

Next season will be our greatest year yet!    Thank you all so much for caring about this important history and like the song says, "See you in September".

Reflecting upon the past
Living in the present
Illuminating the future

Guy Bachmann,
President of the LBP

Dear LBP Members:                                                                                     October 2015

History in the Park will continue this Saturday, October 31st at 10:00 a.m. at the Speaker's Circle in Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park.  Tony Marconi, Curator at the Palm Beach Historical Museum and LBP member will lecture on a fascinating but little known segment of local history which is World War II in the Jupiter area.  Did you know that a Nazi U-Boat was attacked right off of Jupiter Inlet?  Camp Murphy and blackouts will come into focus with Tony's informative program.  Tony's presentation on pioneer history was very well received last year.   You can give yourself a "treat" on Halloween by attending the incomparable Tony's lecture.

A quick comment on our membership meeting on October 10th.  An overflow crowd heard author, Donna Gruber Adair speak on her book "An American Odyssey".  It is about her families' harrowing sojourn out west.  Abolition, border wars, hardships and John Brown all were topics that were experienced during their pioneer history.  Ms. Adair has honored us by becoming a member of the LBP.

Do not forget that the Fall Muster is right around the corner.  November 13th is educational day for school children and the LBP will be participating in this event. Saturday, November 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the Muster will take place.  It will be incorporated this year with pioneer history from the Sawmill area.  Shuttle trams will be taking people back and forth.  The LBP will showcase our tent with panels, artifacts and displays. We will also be speaking to the public and doing battlefield tours.  Soldiers and Seminole camps with artillery and weapons displays will be a part of this gala affair.  A skirmish is also in the works.

There is very encouraging news with PBC on battlefield improvements.  This has not been a money problem with getting improvements but rather a permit problem with South Florida Water Management.   This situation is finally being resolved.  The LBP has retained a lawyer from the Everglades Law Center and Ms. Lisa Interlandi has been instrumental in getting to the bottom of this matter.  A new park office with public bathrooms will be constructed shortly.  We are all "flushed" with excitement!  Money has been set aside for "Battlefield Plaza.".  This includes an elevated memorial wall, view of the battlefield, kiosks, battlefield markers and flagpole.  Two other markers depicting Black Seminole history will be included.  The County will raise another bond to build an Interpretative Center.  The cost of this will be Five Million Dollars.  This proposition will have to be voted on by the taxpayers and the LBP will do everything we can to make it happen.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to comment on a very special day which occurred last Saturday, October 24th.  A birthday party was held for battlefield founder and author, Richard Procyk, at Turkey Creek Country Club.  This was a private affair paid for by Richard's family and members of our board were honored to be invited.  Countless photos and newspaper articles were shown by our Andy Foster on a slide projector throughout the day.  I gave a short speech honoring our living legend and at the end I stated that although I am the President, the real leader of our group is Richard.  When I said that "he is our General", Laurie Corry, brought up a gift from all those LBP members in attendance.  It was an authentic Second Seminole War General's outfit with all the trimmings!  This magnificent uniform including trousers was made by an outfitter in Mississippi that had been referred to us by new member, re-enactor, Jim Flaherty.  All members in attendance did their part to pay for this.  The idea for this gift came from our Loxahatchee Lass, Ms. Laurie.  Posing for a picture with his new Navy frock coat on Richard certainly seemed happy.

This year will be without a doubt the best year in our history.  The LBP is on a roll so come on out and enjoy the ride.

Guy Bachmann,
President of the LBP

Dear LBP Members                                                                     September 2015

 I would like to update all of you on a very successful Seminole Wars Commemoration Day held in St. Augustine on August 15th.  Nine of us dressed in period attire representing the citizens of 1842 and  marched in the parade to St. Francis Military Cemetery.  We were celebrating the end of the Second Seminole War and the re-interment of the dead.  It was interesting to note that on August 15th, 1842 it was 84 degrees and partly cloudy at 10:00 a.m.  and on August 15th, 2015 it was 84 degrees and partly cloudy at 10:00 a.m.

Eighty-nine re-enactors attended this year for this eighth annual event, far surpassing  the thirty-seven who showed up last year.  Many re-enactors brought their families with them.  A Who's Who of historians, authors, archaeologists, and military personnel were also there.  Trinity Hall had to be acquired this year to accommodate this overflow crowd for the reception.  I was honored to have been asked to speak on behalf of the LBP about our recent accomplishments at Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park.  Make no mistake, the LBP is well respected among our peers in the Seminole War Foundation.  Remember everyone in our membership is a part of this Foundation.  Our friend, author, John Missall  (Seminole Wars - Americas' Longest Indian Conflict) has recently written a wonderful booklet entitled "Florida Seminole Wars Heritage Trail".   It depicts sites pertaining to this forty year war all over the state.  No matter where you travel in Florida, the legacy of the Seminole Indian Wars is never far away.  The Battle of the Loxahatchee is prominently mentioned in this book along with a very fine article written by Richard Procyk.  All LBP members will receive this material free of charge at our events and meeting.  Every LBP member who participated in the parade received  a commemorative coin with Jackson Walker's painting of Dades Massacre inscribed on it.

Many thanks to LBP members Kent and Suzanne Olsen for putting us up in their new, magnificent home located on a lake just north of town.  They also served us a wonderful dinner and breakfast.  What exceptional people they are!  

Opening day for our new season will start with battlefield tours on Saturday, September 12th at 10:00 a.m.   On Saturday, September 19th at 10:00 a.m. will kick off another season of History in the Park with a meeting between Andrew Jackson and Osceola (Bachmann & Kazmar) in costume and character.   We have a "murderers row" line up of speakers this year, our best to date.
1.    Jackson Walker - artist of the first ever painting of the Battle of the Loxahatchee.
2.    James Snyder - famous local author who will have Walker's painting in  his new book on natural and historic sites along the Loxahatchee River.
3.     Bob Carr - the most famous archaeologist in the state.  His archaeological dig proved our battlefield was in Riverbend Park.  Bob is also one of the founders of the Miami Circle, a 2,000 year old Tequesta Ceremonial site.
4.    Tony Marconi - Curator of the Palm Beach Historical Museum and presenter of many prehistoric artifacts.
5.    Judge Nelson Bailey - The legendary cow catcher and storyteller will speak on early pioneer history.
6.    Speaking of legends, our own Richard Procyk will be lecturing on Coacoochee (Wildcat), hierarchical Seminole chief and his unbelievable escape from Ft. Marion in St. Augustine.

The days for these lectures will be given at a later date.

Membership meetings again will be held the first Saturday of every month except for September.  A hot breakfast will be included along with different lectures separate from History in the Park.

Palm Beach County have advised us that they have monies for improvements in our park, but presently there is a permit problem with South Florida Water Management.  They hope to rectify this soon.

The Seminole War Fall Muster will be combined this year with Pioneer history in Riverbend Park for what should be the biggest day of living history event ever.  This will be on Saturday, November 14th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Educational day for school children will be on Friday, November 13th.

Field trips and fund raisers are being planned for what promises to be our biggest and best year yet.   This train is ready to roll so come on out and join us for the ride!

Reflecting upon the past
Living in the present
Illuminating the future

Guy Bachmann,
President of the LBP

                                                                                     June 2015

Great news from the renowned military artist, Jackson Walker!    Richard Procyk asked Mr. Walker at the unveiling of "The Incident" on April 18th if he would consider doing another painting of the Battle of the Loxahatchee and he said that he would consider it.  After I spoke to Mr. Walker recently he has agreed to do a larger full scale battlefield scene depicting Red and Black Seminoles on the east side of the Loxahatchee River and the Tennessee Volunteers on the west side.  There will be several dead volunteers in the river and a wounded Jesup may be included standing on the bank.  Jackson Walker has also agreed to do History in the Park next season and attend the Fall Muster.  This is a huge accomplishment for the LBP to acquire an artist of this caliber to paint our battle and increase the exposure of this American history.

Guy Bachmann,
President of the LBP

                                                                                                                                                                   May 2015

What a grand time we all had at the Jackson Walker unveiling of  "The Incident" in LRBP on April 18th.  The most important event in the history of the LBP was covered by local newspapers and channel 20 TV.   A large crowd with many important people were deeply impressed by the renowned Walker's depiction of this recently discovered history by our Richard Procyk.   You can see the painting on our website and Facebook page and note the anger and frustration in Jesup's face and the intractability in Lauderdale's body language.

History in the Park lecture series will be ending for the season with this Saturday's lecture, on May 16th at 10:00 a.m.  On the hot seat at the speaker's circle will be our Facebook wizard, Andrew Foster who will be speaking in costume and in character as his famous great grandfather Captain Charles Coe.

The independent, fearless and free-thinking Coe was a man ahead of his time.  Newsman, author, avocational archaeologist, entrepreneur and raconteur, he is prominently mentioned in Dr. Eugene Lyons preface in Jonathan Dickinson's Journal. Coe is most importantly remembered as the author of "Red Patriots".   Written in 1898, this work was the first book to show the Seminole Indians in a good light.  It told of the incredible hardships they went through while facing eviction and annihilation.  Captain Coe, like C.B. Moore and Cushing, was an avid collector of prehistoric Indian artifacts.   Andrew will be showing some of these priceless pieces.   The intrepid Coe made many enemies in New Smyrna Beach by proving what the town leaders had thought was a circa 1600 Spanish Mission was in fact an American territorial period sugar mill.  This building was burned by the Seminole Indians in 1835 as a prelude to the start of the Second Seminole War.  The charismatic captain lived to the age of 98 and actually met our Richard Procyk.  I believe that Richard and the swashbuckling Coe had some things in common.  Both stood up for what they believed in and would not be intimidated by the powers to be.

Andy Foster is a terrific storyteller and speaker.  With his recently grown Van Dyke beard and period outfit, he looks like a chip off the old block!

Saturday, May 23rd will be our second annual Loxahatchee River Kayak and Canoe trip.  We had this adventure last  year and it was a popular success.   One gets the feeling of being lost in time while observing the ancient Cypress trees looming like monoliths over the River of the Turtle.   The LBP gets to do this trek for half price through our friendship with Eric the Outfitter.  We will meet under the chickee where we have our membership meetings at 9:00 a.m. for this four hour excursion.  A lunch will be served afterwards by the LBP.  Please let me know no later thanMonday, May 18th if you are interesting in participating and whether you would like a kayak or a canoe so that I can reserve it for you.

The Wounded Warriors Five K run has been postponed until October 3rd.  What a great opportunity it is for the LBP to help sponsor and partner with such a patriotic and noble organization.

The Seminole War Foundation has invited us, once again, to attend the Second Seminole War Commemorative Day celebration in St. Augustine on August 15th.  This event will honor the ending of the Second Seminole War on August 15th, 1842 and the re-internment of the dead to St. Francis Military cemetery.   The LBP will be marching in the parade and attending a lecture.  We have also been invited to attend a dinner on Friday night and a luncheon on Saturday.  This year marks the 450th anniversary of the founding of this ancient city by the Spanish in 1565.  Many festive activities are planned.  About a dozen of us attended last year, many staying overnight at an affordable motel on St. Augustine Beach.   Let me know if you are interested in attending.

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​April 2015

A huge History in the Park program will take place this Saturday, April 11th at 10:00 a.m. at the Speaker's Circle in Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park.   Famous author, James Snyder, will appear and tell about his latest book on the Calusa Indians.  Mr. Snyder is the author of "Five Thousand Years on the Loxahatchee" and has written several other historical books.  We are expecting a very large crowd so please get there early if you want a seat or bring a lawn chair with you.

The following Saturday, April 18th, at 10:00 a.m. will be a very special occasion.  The unveiling of the very first painting ever done of the "Battle of the Loxahatchee" will be displayed on the battlefield.  This painting is by artist, Jackson Walker, the most famous Seminole War artist in the country.  Mr. Walker will be appearing in person and will discuss his work, along with Mr. Snyder, who will be depicting this work of art in his new book.  Our Richard Procyk has put these events together.  He also suggested to Mr. Walker what scene should be depicted in the painting.  The apex of the battle will be shown at Indian Crossing, with General Jesup and Col. William Lauderdale as participants.  This "confrontation" between these gentlemen was discovered by Richard only several years ago.  The LBP is inviting the media, along with Commissioner Valache and members of Parks & Rec., to attend this monumental occasion.

We hope to see you at these most exciting and important events!

The LBP has had a number of very successful lectures and interesting excursions recently.  On Saturday, March 21st, Dick Kazmar, put on a great show as Osceola in History in the Park.  Dick did this in character and in costume.   Close to 100 people attended and I have never seen more interest in the question and answer portion of the lecture.

Our Loop Road trip down to the Everglades was so successful that we did another one shortly thereafter.  This 27 mile barren road (mostly unpaved) is a "must see" for nature and history lovers.  (Check out the numerous photos we took on our Facebook page).  In addition, we visited the well known nature photographer, Clyde Butcher's studio, and Mr. Butcher has expressed interest in doing a History in the Park lecture on the Loxahatchee River which he has photographed.   Also, we visited the infamous Lucky Cole's "art" studio on the Loop.

On Saturday, March 28th, we had our bus trip to the Clewiston Museum of Natural History which turned out to be a wonderful experience.  The power points on the changing topography of Florida over time, and of the ancient people who inhabited our area, were fascinating; as was the lecture by Mr. Butch Wilson, the Curator of the museum.  The mega fauna bones including giant Sloths and Mastodons, along with artifacts of prehistoric Indians, were awesome.  One extraordinary piece of pottery found intact in the area actually had a face on it!

Our Second Annual Loxahatchee River Kayaking and Canoe trip is just around the corner and as members we get to do this for half price.

A Texas style barbecue is also in the works.  This will be a great way to end a very successful year.

The LBP is monitoring the health of our 300 year old "Tree of Tears".  It has been loosing a lot of bark lately.   We have gotten PBC to send an Arborist to check on the health of this most important historical tree in the county.  Further, major improvements on our LRBP are scheduled for the near future.

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Living in the present
Illuminating the future

Guy Bachmann,
President of the LBP